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Pulverizer ball mill crusher Lemon Grist Mill Orther mill machine
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 winnowing Pulverizer
lemon Pulverizer
paill Pulverizer
medicinal materials Pulverizer
forage Pulverizer
fibre Pulverizer
ore Pulverizer
 minuteness Pulverizer
ball mill
taper ball mill
porcelain ball mill
Stirring-ball mill
inuous ball mill
cement ball mill
small ball mill
horizontal ball mill
low-wasting ball mill
Jaw type breaker
counter type breaker
Jaw type breaker
Hammer type breaker
One pair of rollers breaker
taper Breaker
Sand making machine
Production line of building stones
  Lemon Grist Mill  
3rLemon Grist Mill
4rLemon Grist Mill
5rLemon Grist Mill
High pressure Ultrafine abrade

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Henan dafang machinery Co.,LTD pottery tool instruments serve you sincerely.

Retreat and exchange goods and the principle:

If goods go wrong by quality, whether the People's Republic of China produce and sample quality law rights and interests protection law of consumer of the People's Republic of China' and other relevant laws and regulations offer service of retreating and exchange goods relevantly to the user.

1.Dafang potteries guarantee and publish what goods pack intact goods.
In order to guarantee your interests, please examine goods on the spot while receiving the goods, if find the damage while transporting of the goods, You have the right to let to provides and deliver personnel and bring back the goods to provide and deliver again.

2、In time limit that promise( customer receive goods one day, sign after receiving accurate in day with customer) ,Phone must inform customer take in the center(0086-371-6040693) or supply the trade company you ,Send out goods within 3 days and supply trade company handle loan of retreating for you, exchange goods the matters .

3.At it return by goods,be sure to whether the outsides of productses wrap up,bring by enclosure inside( including last operation instructions at productses, CDs or written historical materials,etc.),note,etc.
Return in company with the products, namely the goods should keep the state of original sale

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